Sibling Support Group

For 6th-8th graders

Join brothers and sisters of children with special needs to meet other siblings in a relaxed and supportive environment!

PARENTS: One (or more) of your children has autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, depression, a learning disability, cancer, epilepsy, or another health, mental health, or developmental disability.

It sometimes feels impossible to meet the needs of all of your children.

When it comes to your typically developing child(ren), chances are they have either:

  • Been very helpful (taking on an adult-role) or resisted the helping role.
  • Spent a lot of time with your family or isolated themselves in their bedroom.
  • Shown love and patience to their sibling or displayed feelings of anger or rejection.
  • Excelled at school or had behavioral and/or academic struggles.

And most likely, you as a parent have felt guilt, shame, embarrassment, and sadness.  You wonder about the future of all of your children and the impact your family has on your tween.

Middle school can be a time of change in your tween’s body, friendships, relationships, and world view. Add having a sibling with special needs to that mix, and the result is probably very confusing and complex.

Maybe your tween has said:

  • No one understands me…
  • I wish I had a “normal” sibling…
  • You [parents] never have time for me…
  • I wish [sibling] was never born…
  • Why me?

Maybe your tween has been:

  • Acting out at home or school.
  • Isolating him/herself and becoming more introverted.
  • Picking fights with their sibling.
  • Or having other behavioral or emotional changes.

If this sounds familiar, this is the perfect group for your tween!

During the 8-week group, your tween can look forward to:

  • A small group setting- led by a Registered Play Therapist- for group members to feel supported and connected to others.
  • Practicing healthy ways to express all emotions that come with having a sibling with special needs.
  • Engaging in fun activities to focus on their individual strengths.


  • Dates: Tuesdays from 3/5/2019 through 4/23/2019
  • Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • Length: This group runs for 8 weeks. Members are expected to attend all 8 groups.
  • Location: 76 Progress Drive Suite 230D Stamford, CT 06902
    • Note: Parents are asked to stay in the building during group
  • Cost: $50/group (billed $200 monthly)
    • Note: A 50-minute intake session ($175) is required before 3/5/2019
  • Members: This group is for brothers and sisters of siblings with health, mental health, developmental disabilities, or any other special needs.  Group members must be in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.
  • Updates: Parents are welcome to schedule a complimentary 10-minute check-in twice throughout the course of the group (1 per month). Liz will share general themes and progress of your child, but due to confidentiality, will not be able to share specifics of what your child has disclosed during group. If any safety concerns arise during a group session, you will be notified immediately.

Please complete THIS FORM to secure your spot!

[Unsure if your family situation would fit the group? Send Liz a message HERE]

* NOTE: Completing the form (above) does not guarantee a spot in the group nor constitute a therapist-client relationship.  If, at any time in the process [completing form –> 15-minute phone consultation –> intake session] Liz is unable to offer your child a spot in the group, she will discuss other options (which may involve outside referrals). If there are not enough members who sign up for the group, she will discuss additional options with you as well. Thank you for understanding!

About the facilitator:

Liz Gray, LCSW, RPT is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist, and Certified School Social Worker in both Illinois and Connecticut. She attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign for her B.S. in Psychology and earned her Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. Liz began her Social Work career in a Community Mental Health Agency as a crisis therapist and has since done in-home counseling with IL Early Intervention and worked in public and private schools as a School Social Worker. Liz currently has a private practice in Stamford, CT and uses sandtray therapy, EMDR, and creative play and art interventions with tweens, teens, and young adults.