“Will I ever feel like ME again?”


Adolescent Therapy

The tweenage and teenage years are a time of growth, changes, and experimentation. Teenagers often struggle with changes in relationships (whether friendships or romantic), feelings of loneliness,  rapid mood changes, and struggles with the future.

In today’s world, teens are often expected to balance school, clubs, activities, extracurricular activities, family obligations, social outings, and more!  Whether your teen has an internal drive to succeed, or there are high expectations from parents or teachers, being a teen can be hard! 

For teens who have experienced a traumatic event or grief/loss, this only adds to the complication, confusion, and CHAOS in their world.

Individual Sessions

My therapy approaches are unique to each client. I use a combination of play, art, sandtray, EMDR, and traditional therapeutic approaches to best meet each client’s needs.

Through weekly 45-minute sessions, I help adolescents with the following:

  • Traumatic events (i.e. car accidents, bullying, house fire)
  • Grief and loss
  • Depressed and anxious mood
  • School difficulties
  • Life transitions (i.e. moving, changing schools)

Parent Consultations


A frequent complaint I hear from parents is, “my teenager won’t talk to me!”

A frequent complaint I hear from teenagers is, “my [mom/dad] won’t listen!

Often, this is rooted in unaligned expectations and miscommunication. I provide a safe space to help families develop effective communication skills, learn how to have fun in their relationships, and for parents and teens to really hear each other.

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